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MITSUBOSHI : 3PNCT Synthetic Rubber Cable with Reinforce layer
These cables are designed to japan electrical appliance and material safety law. In insulation ethylene propylene rubber is employed and in jacket, polychloroprene rubber is used. And the reinforcing layer provides superior abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

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Structure & material
 Conductor : Tinning Stranded annealed copper wire
 Insulation : EP rubber mixture
 Sheath : Chloroprene rubber mixture with reinforce layer
 Shield : Nil


As per JIS C 3327 technical standards of electrical equipments
Voltage rating: 600V; temperature rating: 80
For the fields of mining, industry, agriculture and other rigid conditions in the tunnels, and electrical equipments below 600 V requiring anti-explosion, wiring and similar purposes.
Support RoHS order
For the purposes requiring oil, weather and flame resistance.
Reinforced layer is added in the Sheath, and the structure of anti-wear and anti-impact is used.

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